gin & kerosene (ugly_boy) wrote in biology,
gin & kerosene

Macromolecular components of cells

Does anyone know a resource that gives the macromolecular composition of various cells? For example the (average) percent mass that is due to proteins, lipids, carbohydrates and nucleic acid for a variety of cell types. Something in a nice, concise table with a handful of examples would be great. I do have some textbooks at the house that might have this info, in particular Campbell's Biology and Lodish's Molecular Cell Biology but I haven't had a chance to look yet and I'm not sure whether these will have what I'm looking for. This came up because I answered a question on Yahoo! Answers and now I'm exchanging e-mails with the guy; I'm all cells contain all four types of macromolecules, and I would like to have some real data to share. Also, if anyone knows of examples of (living) cells that do not contain one of the four types I would be very interested in this. I told him I did not know of any exceptions, and it's hard to imagine how a cell could get by without some of each, but of course words like "always" and "never" have to be used with caution in biology.
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