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Journal Club - Negative Results

I am going to do my labs journal club next month, and I thought I'd have a theme of negative results. I know sometimes people struggle to publish good scientific studies that have resulted in a negative results (e.g hormone x is not up regulated during disease y despite symptoms being similar to over expression of hormone x). However I have also read some negative results papers that make me question why they were published, even though they might have been scientifically sound.

I thought I would pick one journal I thought should have been published, and one whose publication seems strange to me (for example, I have an article where it is extremely unlikely any researcher would unknowingly attempt the experiment again, because the likely-hood of it working was quite far fetched in the first place). If you have any "negative" results papers (preferably ones not published because they challenge previously published data) you'd like to point me to I'd appreciate it. I know there is a Journal of Negative Results in Biomedicine and one for Pharmacy, but I don't want to group to start questioning these Journals because they are less traditional/lack official impact factors.

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